Behind the Scenes

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At the beginning of this summer, Todd and Rachel, our previous Property Managers, informed us that managing Twin Pines, along with a young family, jobs and prepping for a Ted Talk competition was too much for them to commit to this year. We totally understood. Managing a vacation property requires a lot of time. Cleaning, repairs, making sure everything is functioning properly, communicating with guests and being on call can feel overwhelming at times. Fortunately, there are two individuals that work behind the scenes at Twin Pines. The first is Scotty, our handyman. Scotty is a jack-of-all-trades. When 15 pipes burst this past winter, ruining our kitchen and bathrooms, Scotty was the person who gutted the kitchen, replaced and repaired the plumbing, tiled the floors and installed new appliances, cabinets and countertop. When we needed our front flagstone steps repaired, Scotty was the person who repaired them. When we needed to build guard rails around our front deck, Scotty was the person who built and installed them. And, when something needs to be repaired quickly before our next guests arrive, Scotty comes through for us on short notice. The second, low profile individual who is invaluable to Twin Pines is Blanca. Blanca meticulously cleans inside the cabin, as well as the area around the cabin. She also assists in orienting guests to the cabin and property. Due to our schedules, Maritza and I cannot always be at the cabin to welcome guests. Consequently, Blanca, or one of her daughters, fills in for us. 

We would have a difficult time finding two individuals better at what they do than Scotty and Blanca. We are indeed fortunate that they share their talents with us. You may never meet Scotty or Blanca.  However, their behind the scenes efforts are what enables us to provide an historic log cabin in the Rocky Mountains to travelers from around the world.